Month: January 2013

The Sun Salutation

    The Sun Salutation is a flowing sequence of postures which gets your heart pumping, increases blood circulation, assists and improves the lymphatic and immune system. It provides the body with a complete thorough work out. The postures flow

Relaxation Techniques – Flight of an Eagle

This is one of my own personal favorite relaxations.  The Eagle Spirit Symbolizes: Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Prestige, Spirit, Balance, Healing, Faith, Meditation, and Connection with Higher Power, Freedom, Awareness, Perspective, and Insight.  If caught in bad weather he will chose to fly

Breath Work – Straw Breathing

In lung disorders such as emphysema and asthma the ability to exhale fully has greatly diminished. Fear and habitual behaviours which builds up as a result of the disorder often mean that a person shortens the exhalation of the breath

Breath Work – Bhramari Pranayama – The Humming Bee

This is one of my favourite breath works as it always conquers up images of a lazy hazy warm sunny day, with bees buzzing in the meadows. This is a great introduction to meditation as it also helps to centre