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Breath Work – Straw Breathing

In lung disorders such as emphysema and asthma the ability to exhale fully has greatly diminished. Fear and habitual behaviours which builds up as a result of the disorder often mean that a person shortens the exhalation of the breath

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Breath Work – Bhramari Pranayama – The Humming Bee

This is one of my favourite breath works as it always conquers up images of a lazy hazy warm sunny day, with bees buzzing in the meadows. This is a great introduction to meditation as it also helps to centre

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The Symbol OM in Yoga

“Om” symbolises All that was… All that is… and all that shall be… even into eternity. “Om” is a sacred word, syllable, sound, mantra, it belongs to no know language and is used in many religions. It stands for Supreme

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