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Mums Banana-bread recipe

This is one of my Mum’s recipes.  I will be honest I have absolutely no idea where she collected the recipe from but this is what I use when I am looking to rustle up something quick, easy and satisfying. 

Mum’s Apple Brack

Well my Mum’s apple brack went down a storm today and a miracle did happen, I refrained from cutting into it just to make sure that it was cooked through.  It did actually arrive at the studio in one piece


Every family has traditions synonymous to themselves at Christmas time and the upholding of these traditions varies with each family and each generation. One such tradition in our family was the making and baking of the Christmas cake.  I am

Healthy Power Flapjacks

What type of cook are you?  Are you the kind who gets a recipe and follows it to the literal ounce? Or perhaps the type that doesn’t bother with measurements and it’s a case of a fist of this and

Shanti Comforts

  This is a chocoholic’s dream recipe and offers “balance” to healthy living.   It is the equivalent of a personal hug offering indulgent cocoa comfort just when you may need it the most. I have tried this recipe using

Irish Brown Bread

This is a simple recipe and is a great accompaniment to soup.   It is quick, easy to make and I love it as everything goes into one pot and is mixed all in one!   I personally love it served with

Leek and Potato Soup

This is a favourite in our house. It is quick, tasty and a great warmer for those cold winter days. I personally love it served with homemade brown spelt bread with lashings of real Irish butter. PS!! Just in case