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The “Rebel Buddha”

  Well you’ve met the ”Bali Buddha” so now let me introduce you to the “Rebel Buddha”. Not to be out done by the Bali Buddha who got shipped half way around the world, the Rebel Buddha got transported from

My Bali Buddha

  Some of you may not know but those of you who know me well, know I inherited a great love for wood, especially mahogany or teak from my dad. My house has teak doors, teak kitchen, coffee tables etc.

The Thai Vedic Yoga Massage journey continues….

Last week I completed five more days in the incredible Art of Thai Vedic Yoga Massage. I am left feeling so grateful in so many ways after these five days.   Anyone that knows me, knows the love I have

A pot of dreams and a leap of faith

  Two years ago a friend of mine gave me a present of a little pamper saving pot for Christmas and she told me to save for something special.  If you know me, you know that my savings skills goes

Surviving Grief

I received one of those phone calls, you know the one that makes you stop in your tracks and think.  A few years ago, a lady phoned me.  Her father had been diagnosed with Cancer and she was struggling to

De-stress Yoga Workshop

Pregnancy for me was always an amazing experience.  I just loved feeling and being pregnant.  It was the after math of pregnancy, however, that wreaked havoc within my body personally.  Hormones and weakened tummy muscles placed extra strain on my

Release Your Inner Dragonfly – Yoga Weekend

Do you feel like you are constantly running on empty, caged and held captive by endless demands on your time? Maybe you feel energetically heavy, lethargic, stumped creatively with stores of inspiration depleted or totally drained. Are you constantly on

Archery and Yoga

Shortly after Christmas 2014, a great friend gathered a few of us together over dinner with an agenda.  His idea was to set out goals in various areas of our lives for the year ahead with a specific intention of

Lazy hazy night time yoga from my bed…..

Do you find life is passing you by and days are just whizzing past so that suddenly months instead of days have slipped away? I do and this year summer for me personally has just gone in a blink of

Reflecting on a year past – Part 3 Rebirthing

Rosemary Khelifa is a Rebirthing Therapist based in Dublin.   As I had never heard of rebirthing previously I invoked the help of Google once more and yet again Wikipedia came up trumps. Rebirthing-breath work is a breathing technique that is used