Children’s Yoga

Times are alternating and modifying at an alarming rate.  No longer are our childrens lives totally light and carefree.  In today’s climate which is ever changing and wavering our children are subjected to a great deal of stress, from extra workloads at school, to various after school activities, giving them opportunities which were perhaps missing or unavailabe in the lives of their parents.  There is also high expectations placed on children to have a better life.

The emphasis in today’s society is to succeed in all parts of our lives and this can be challening for children to contend with.  Not succeeding, failing at something is part of life and growing up.  It is what challenges us, teaches us to try a different avenue, get creative, try something different all in a bid to find solutions and resolutions.  However, the fast pace of life often means that these feelings are not given enough time to flourish and be experienced and children can sometimes take failure to heart and may even become depressed always wanting to be the high achiever.

Finding balance in our lives is where the importance of yoga takes hold.  So our classes are creative, the mind is let free to wander where ever it may seek to go.

As little dragonflies we will be having plenty of fun, fun, fun. Fun and play are an important part of teaching yoga to children or adults for me.

We will be flying in all kinds of directions on interactive adventures of the most magnificent nature, stimulating our creative imagination. building body strength, building balance, increasing self-esteem and confidence.

Breathing will be key and these exercises will become life long sustainable tools to help in later years to combat stress and anxiety.

Children and teenagers derive great benefits from yoga just like grown-ups do. A good stretch feels great physically, children feel better, they learn the importance of slowing down their breathing and relax their mind.  This soothes out the nervous system and helps to strengthen their immune system.

Physically, it enhances their flexibility and strength and improves their co-ordination. Body awareness increases as children become aware of the various muscles and joints and how they move within their bodies. They become more poised and start to believe in their abilities. In addition it improves their concentration, sense of calmness and teaches them relaxation techniques which will benefit them during challenging times in later life.

Doing yoga children engage in physical exercise which is non-competitive and which promotes a sense of equality, co-operation and compassion, enormous traits which they will carry with them into adulthood.

Many of yoga’s postures are based on nature, as thousands of years ago when the Asana’s were being developed by Yogi’s, they lived close to nature and the natural world around them. They drew their inspiration from animals and plants. Poses like eagle teaches balance and focus and the tree pose helps children feel grounded.  Children get an opportunity to become and move like an animal and imitate the movements and sounds of nature. They get to let their imagination run wild whilst taking on the qualities of another being and in doing so they become more aware.

A typical yoga class incorporates postures, controlled and conscious breathing, and some form of meditation but you’ll also find young children barking like dogs, meowing like cats or roaring like lions. The lion pose lets them experience not only the proud and powerful behavior of the lion, but also their own sense of power, when it is ok to be aggressive, when to retreat. Woodcutter teaches them how to vent anger in a controlled and safe fun way. Children learn to become aware of what it is they are feeling, realize its ok to experience these emotions and release them in a safe manner. Yoga helps them to relax and de-stress in a playful way when they feel upset or depressed.

Benefits of Kids Yoga:

  • Teaches proper breathing
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Enhances concentration
  • Increases flexibility and balance
  • Improve general well-being
  • Boosts confidence
  • Relaxes their minds
  • Aids a peaceful nights sleep
  • Creates an inner sense of calm
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