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I attended the restorative yoga class after taking a year out due to illness. I get significant muscle and joint pain so I was a little apprehensive about over doing it! Noreen is so attentive and professional in her approach. She guided me through every pose and ensured I was comfortable while at the same time also ensuring that I was achieving maximum benefits. This class is perfect for anyone recovering from illness, injury or limited in movement for any particular reason. I’ve been to many yoga classes over the years and I have to say that Noreen is by far the very best in her profession.

Kate O’Flaherty – 11th January, 2018

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    Yoga with the beautiful Noreen is so calming and soothing both for mind, body and soul. I couldn’t ask for a better yoga teacher. I feel very fortunate to have found someone like Noreen that is so dedicated to the art of yoga and she is so good at sharing her knowledge with us in the most gentle way which makes that one hour or so a week in class the best hour possible. I couldn’t recommend Noreen or her classes more!

    Helen Murray 16th November, 2016

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      Amazing class, highly recommend , always come out feeling fantastic.

      Martina Lyons 24th May, 2017

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        The serenity and positive energy from Noreen is amazing. I love love love her classes and highly recommend them and Noreen to everyone.

        Jane Higgings Sheehy – 27th November, 2018

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          I presented myself to Noreen over two months ago suffering from intense panic attacks and a general anxiety disorder. Fortunately, I experienced immediate relief in both conditions after my first session and an increased and general easing of the tension and anxiety after the second. I have to admit that the results of this treatment have been genuinely astounding. Having completed all four Bio-Energy sessions, I am frankly amazed by my progress. Bio-Energy has given me the inner strength to deal with my anxiety, panic and sleeping problems, as well as allowing me an overall feeling of calm and wellbeing. I have experienced the following outcomes as a result of my Bio-Energy treatments:

          • Mild depression alleviated
          • Decreased anxiety
          • Cessation of panic attacks
          • Improved sleeping patterns
          • Higher energy levels
          • Deepened sense of wellbeing
          • Calmer, more centred and grounded

          One of the most significant and welcomed results however is that my anxiety has decreased dramatically. Consequently, I have gained more control of my life and also the choices that I make. It is difficult to articulate just how remarkable this treatment is as following my first session, I had a burst of energy and a sense of wellbeing that I’ve not experienced since I was a child. As such, I wish to sincerely thank Noreen for all her effort and help throughout these past couple of months. I genuinely appreciate all your positive energy and sage advice. Thank you so very much. I will always remember this wonderful experience and cannot recommend Bio-Energy therapy and Noreen highly enough. It has had a major effect on me and has greatly contributed to my vibrant, happy and healthy life.

          James, 27, Limerick, Ireland – August, 2015




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            As a Newbie to Yoga (having tried others ) Noreen, is the only person, who got me in the zone, & actually made it enjoyable & understandable, Noreen is so clued into various medical conditions, & can change the Yoga to suit.
            The extreme feeling of calm, & achievement is unreal. I would 100 % recommend Noreen, & cannot wait to have another session, It is a very beneficial exercise without having to kill yourself & also extremely beneficial to both the body & mind’/ spirit. for something that seems so simple, it has huge impact on the body & mind. Noreen, all round yoga paired with Pat dillon is invaluable to all participants.
            Dont think twice about attending their events , I have attended mindfulness workshops before, but have never been able to switch my mind off, today with Noreen & Pat, the mind was completely closed off, to the point of sleeping (&snoring ) by others, yet by sub-conscience you are soaking the benefits of what you are being told.
            As a major sceptic to the power or yoga, mindfullness & bio energy I WILL TELL YOU NOW, DONT’ DELAY & DO IT.

            It is the most relaxing , rewarding day, I have ever had, & cannot wait to do another.

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              St. Joseph's Foundation

              Testimonial for All Round Yoga – February, 2015

              “All Round Yoga” is truly just that…”All Round”, Inclusive and wonderfully adaptable. Noreen facilitated a number of yoga classes to a group of adults with intellectual disabilities and we never expected the amazing response! Noreen gently guided us into fun, motivating yet truly relaxing yoga sessions. There was an energy in the room that was different to any of the other classes that we provide. It was relaxing yet motivating and everybody took part in one way or another. People were captivated by Noreen’s approach and the way that she spoke. The class provided people with an opportunity to chill out, to become more aware of oneself and also a good workout. We all loved the sessions and are so grateful to Noreen to include us in her busy schedule. We look forward to more “All Round” yoga with Noreen.

              Joanne Burgess (Sports and Recreation Facilitator, St Josephs Foundation) 


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                Last January I decided to take up yoga with Noreen Kelly Hehir….what an amazing person…Positivity oozing from her!

                I took up yoga to help me relax and teach me to “slow down” a little in life. 3 weeks later I found out I was 18 weeks pregnant…with my fourth child! Over the following 5 months Noreen focused the sessions on helping me to relax while also incorporating pregnancy yoga- very much tailored to me specifically.

                She has an amazing ability to listen and focus on dealing with any pains/aches etc I had during that time…no one session was the same as they were tailored which was great.…I always felt great leaving her studio. She also gave me, which proved to be invaluable advice, techniques on how to best deal with labour. These included various breath works etc.

                In July I gave birth to a baby boy- it ended up being the longest labour of the 4 (25 hours)…The yoga classes really paid particular mid wife actually commented on my breath work, said it was the best she had seen in 15 years! A real compliment to Noreen. Previous pregnancies I found labour extremely tough..this was by far the “easiest” labour (albeit the longest!) I encountered out of the 4! Yoga definitely worked!

                My new baby is now 7 weeks old…I am starting back yoga with Noreen next week to work on my core and help me get back to a regular exercise routine again while still focusing on relaxation techniques. I truly believe yoga should be a part of everyone’s busy life and strongly recommend anyone to take up Yoga with Noreen. I have also tried yoga with other teachers, but have now found Noreen works best for me. Yoga all the way!

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                  We began yoga at the start of 6th year to help with the stress of exams. I am not very interested in sporting activities but yoga was something different to that. Noreen was very understanding about how nervous we all were about starting yoga and that contributed to how much I enjoyed it. Noreen is a very patient, understanding and caring person, which made my experience much more worthwhile. We began to do yoga to help us cope with exam stress. I used my skill of yoga to calm myself down coming up to my mock exams, but I then moved on to using it in everyday life. When I am in the middle of my studies and I have another painful hour ahead of me, I use the routines Noreen has thought us to give myself that extra push I need to finish. For 15 minutes I am able to relax in my own little world that Noreen has helped me to develop. Those 15 minutes give me the motivation I need to continue my studies on a daily basis. This is why I would recommend All Round Yoga to people of all ages and abilities, as it has been a huge benefit to me in my life.

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                    At the start of 6th year we were told that we would be doing yoga for our PE class. I must say that I was a bit spectacle, as I didn’t think that yoga was for me, but after 7 months of doing it I can clearly see a difference. Coming up to our mock exams we were shown breathing exercises and I have never felt so relaxed, I even did these exercises during the exams themselves. I would recommend all round yoga to anyone. When starting out I was one of the most flexibly challenged of my year but Noreen’s patience and guidance can help even the most incapable of us all. Yoga is not just about the physical aspect but the mental aspect. for 45 minutes a week I am able to forget about everything, I can stop thinking about studying, what homework we had to do, or what test we have next week. If you only do yoga to get away from daily life for an hour a week it has the ability to change you whole mood. I now see things differently; I’m calmer and have a most positive outlook. Noreen’s passion and love for yoga is contagious and I assure you that if you give all round yoga a chance you too will feel the same.

                    I am also a young leader with Charleville Girl Guides and we asked Noreen to come to the meeting to show the girls some basic yoga. At first the girls were laughing and joking but after a while each girl disappeared into their own tranquil world and all bar none said they thoroughly enjoyed it. Yoga does not have an age limit, it does not care about your ability, it does not discriminate or judge it only requires an open mind. I have seen first-hand the positive affect it can have on not only me but my entire class. I would recommend all round yoga to anyone. It has changed my outlook, it can change yours.

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                      I took up yoga mainly to help me cope with exam stress. I used to feel very uptight and I used to panic anytime the word “exam” was uttered. I tried all sorts of methods to help me deal with my anxiety. Unfortunately, nothing had an effect until I started yoga with Noreen. She taught me lots of different breathing techniques that really helped me relax and de-stress. I never felt bored and uneasy with Noreen. She is always so understanding and she really adapted our classes around my own personal needs. I am delighted I took up yoga. It has helped me in so many ways and I would recommend it to anyone.

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                        “I remember being nervous at my first yoga class over fifteen years ago. At least I wasn’t the only man there. I was awkward, confused about how it would work and what was all the breath control and movement for, anyway? Yoga has been gentle and kind to me since then, teaching me new lessons as I was ready to understand them. I’m continuing to learn now, in Charleville, with Noreen Kelly Hehir, whose yoga sessions have a positive, welcoming energy about them and where she is able to encourage people of diverse age and physical abilities to get the most from their yoga. Lessons in the luxury of the Charleville Park Hotel are a far cry from the cold and dusty floor of some parochial hall and Noreen achieves that balance between informality and focus which allows students’ own abilities to blossom.”

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                          “Pregnancy Yoga” with Noreen was my first real experience of yoga. Our classes helped me to maintain muscle tone and strength which made it easier to regain fitness after the pregnancy. The posture and breathing techniques I learned from Noreen certainly eased my first experience of labour for which I am truly grateful!

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                            stmary-school-charlevilleIn April 2011, I asked Noreen to introduce yoga to our students every morning before school as part of our ‘Well-being week’. Student feedback was so positive I invited Noreen to do yoga with our Leaving Cert class every Wednesday morning as part of their PE programme to help with exam stress etc. Noreen’s aim is to give students the opportunity to use yoga as a lifelong practice. Students love the ‘time out’ yoga provides. It grounds them and allows them to manage the stress of exams and general everyday stresses. In her teaching Noreen promotes meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises as techniques in self-care. Noreen’s calm and understanding nature puts her students at ease, thus allowing them to gain maximum results from their practice.

                            We feel privileged to have Noreen work with our students and we wish her every good luck with everything she does.

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                              northstarcoachingNoreen is extremely passionate about what she does. She really tailors her sessions to your needs and is full of helpful suggestions for ways to include more movement into your everyday life. I suffered from a lower back problem for a number of years. Having found no long-term solution I decided to take up yoga.

                              Since taking up Yoga with Noreen my flexibility and mobility have greatly improved. The result being that I am now back running without pain for the first time in years. I will continue to make yoga part of my lifestyle.

                              I would highly recommend yoga for any sports person who is serious about athletic performance and injury prevention.

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