Assistance for Exam Students during Covid-19

The current situation we find ourselves in is challenging in lots of ways for both you as Students and your Parents.  Stress levels are up, tempers may be short fused, caged animal syndrome maybe setting in.  As students the pressures of exams, not being in normal school routine and the uncertainty of exams taking place is an added and intensifying level of stress for you.  On top of that you also have Covid-19 to contend with.

BREATHE….  You can do this, you GOT this.

My advice to you is this….

  • Create a timetable.  Most of you I know are already following the school timetable.  Brilliant.  Keep this up and remember, you are doing the best you can, which is all that is expected of you.  If you are not doing this already, today is as good as any day to join in and be with your class mates on line, make a start.   
  • Remember it is OK to be feeling what you are feeling, express it, talk about how you are feeling to your parents, teachers, or friends. Don’t keep it locked up inside, it will only affect you healthwise. 
  • Stay the course with your study, you are showing up for YOU.  No one else, but YOU and YOUR future.  You may be in isolation but it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.  Reach out to your teachers and your friends, reach out to me, I will help as best I can.
  • Limit your exposure to Social Media and the News.  There is a lot of information circulating out there that is incorrect and untrue.  This serves no other purpose than to generate fear in people.  Fear incapacitates a person and lowers their vibration, weakening the immune system.  This will create even more fear, anxiety and panic attacks, because it tightens and constricts the body so your breathing becomes restricted, less oxygen is getting through to you vital organs and you become unfocused, uncertain, negativity and panic sets in. 
  • Do not feed into the drama of others, especially those who leave you feeling anxious and scared after you leave their company. Choose wisely who you give your energy too. Use this time of isolation to centre and ground yourself, to find your centre of calm.  A calm mind is a focused mind.  So create a sanctuary at home in your own home.  Have soft lighting, calming music, burn incense if you have it.  Create a space that is gentle and easy for you to be present and relaxed in.
  • With regard to gentle music, repeat the same album over and over again, I love easy listening or angelic music. By playing the same album over your body will recognise it and will respond to it, especially if you have been practicing calming techniques to it and you have created a memory.
  • Kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in your garden for a couple of minutes every day.  Practice your breathing whilst you are walking the garden.  Visualise every time you breathe in that you are pulling the energy of Mother Earth right up through the soles of your feet and up into your body, filling you, grounding you, connecting you to the earth and all that is around you.  When you breathe out send the energy gently, slowly back down through your feet.  Imagine your roots growing stronger, deeper into Mother Earth, anchoring and grounding you.
  • You may not be able to control what is happening around you but you can control what is happening within you.  So stay the course, stay focused, stay calm and stay as positive as you can.  This is real maturity on your behalf by looking out for your general health and wellbeing.
  • Eat as healthily as you can and eat freshly prepared food where possible.  Try to avoid processed sugar as much as possible.  
  • Exercise every single day for at least 20 minutes.  Take a break from study and the books.  You might like to get out of the house, go for an active walk, put on some dance music and shake, wriggle and dance your heart out for 20 mins.  Those of you who have done yoga with me in school will remember some of the poses, but more importantly please practice your breathing.  Remember the breath will carry you through any situation.

I will be uploading techniques which I use and find invaluable to me personally when I find myself in situations where I feel out of my depth, drowning emotionally and mentally, unable to cope, fearful and distraught.  It helped me get through some of life’s biggest challenges and I know it will help you to, if you practice them.

I am here if any of you need help or assistance so please do reach out. If I can’t help you I maybe able to guide you in the direction of someone that can.

You GOT this.  Remember that also. 

You guys have spent the last few years building on and deepening your knowledge of everything in all subjects.  I have seen you turn up day after day for classes. Just trust and have faith in yourself.  You have done the work, you have put in the hours and you are continuing to do so.  Your biggest challenge right now is to remain calm in the midst of this storm, keep your focus and breathe.

Each and every one of you can do this.  Yes it is different and yes it is a challenge for you.  But….

You got this!! 

Believe it.

I will be posting a meditation later on today especially for you guys.  With consistent practice this meditation will help you to channel your thoughts, stop the panic chatter in your mind, improve your memory, and increase your focus, awareness and productivity.  More importantly it will help bring peace and clarity to you at a very deep level.  It just takes practice and you will feel the difference within yourself even after just the first attempt.

Stay strong you guys, you are doing great and I’ll see you at the hatach when all this is in the past behind us.

Namaste and Om Shanti