Bio-Energy Cork


What is Bio- Energy?

Bio-Energy is a simple treatment that is non-evasive, based on an ancient Eastern form of healing which connects into the body’s energy system commonly known as the Chakra system. Our bodies have seven main energy lines and the points upon which these energy lines overlap is called a Chakra.

All of the chakra’s can be in balance and working to optimum effect or they can be out of balance and the energy can become trapped and stagnant. When this happens we are easily subjected to ill health or disease. As a Bio-energy Therapist, I have been trained to become sensitive to feeling any blockages that may show up during a session and using a series of hand movements will work to try and release the energy and assist your body in finding balance once again. Once the balance has been renewed your own body will use its own innate healing process to help you recover by using your very own pure energy.

Energy is the ability to move and do things, it feeds our bodies and it helps to make things grow. It is a vibration and we all have it flowing through our veins via molecules. We are all made up of this energy which has been scientifically established that this is our primal life force which holds us together and gives us life. As a Therapist, I act as a channel or conduit for universal energy so that it works on your energy field directly tapping into the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your body to help bring balance back to all of your chakras and to help you begin your own natural healing process.

If you think of power/electricity generated at a powerhouse or station, it has enormous potential but in its raw form it is too powerful to use on our electrical equipment in our homes, so it needs to be transformed (balanced) so that it doesn’t blow up our machines. The power which leaves the power station is transformed and then it travels along with electrical circuits to our homes where we plug into it and use it safely. Our body’s energy system works in a similar pattern. As a therapist, I channel life-force energy to you the client to help balance, clear, charge and energise your energy field. This kick starts your own natural energy to allow it to start working to optimum effect again.

Bio-Energy is very gentle and natural and can be used by all ages.