De-stress Yoga Workshop


Pregnancy for me was always an amazing experience.  I just loved feeling and being pregnant.  It was the after math of pregnancy, however, that wreaked havoc within my body personally.  Hormones and weakened tummy muscles placed extra strain on my lower back.  A number of weeks after my daughter was born I was descending steps one day when my knees buckled and gave way causing me to land brutally onto my knees with excruciating pain darting into the lower lumbar region of my back.  As a new mum my daughter was my priority and not getting back a toned slim fit body.  Before the year was out I found myself pregnant with my son.

My son was 9 months old and thoroughly enjoying bath time when I first really incapacitated my back. I was leaning in over the bath in the process of lifting him out when he wriggled and fell out of my soapy hands.  Reflexes kicked in and I caught him before he hit the base of the bath but in the process I slipped two lumbar discs which hadn’t quite regained their strength after the pregnancies.

If you suffer from back ache you know the pain and fear which registers in your body as a result of the injury.  The memory is stored within my muscle tissue in my lower back and to this day 16 years later that memory is still in place.  What ensued as a result of this injury were weekly jaunts to have my back realigned because I wanted somebody else to “fix me”.  So I travelled and I was realigned, walked rigid in fear of slipping the discs again for a couple of days before eventually re-slipping them whilst lifting one of the lads up into my arms.  This process continued for a couple of years and the final straw came when at one such appointment a horse was before me and a greyhound behind me.   I left in tears but with a knowledge that “I, me” personally needed to do something about what was happening, not somebody else.

I turned to yoga and there began my real healing journey.  Yoga allows you to strengthen muscles which over the course of life become weakened, lacking in tone, thorn, or damaged by experiences we put ourselves through.  Yoga gently strengthened my back, improved my muscle tone and flexibility and actually changed my whole physical appearance in the process by improving my posture.

Pregnancy is one way of weakening our muscles but there are other ways.  Perhaps you lift and haul heavy items during the course of your days’ work.  Do you drive for a living and do you keep both hands equally on the steering wheel or do you continuously keep one arm raised causing imbalance to the muscles in your upper back and shoulders? Do you sit properly in your chair at work? Imbalance in your muscles takes place if you do not equally work both sets of muscles around a particular area where you may be repetitively repeating the same action over and over again.  We are creatures of habit and fall into the repetitive phase quite easily.  Perhaps you are someone that stands a lot as part of your work, did you know that how you stand can affect your posture and likewise impact upon your back? Simple changes and awareness can reap profound effects.

Yoga will help bring awareness to your body.  It will bring balance back into your muscles, whilst stretching, releasing and strengthening those same muscles.  On this workshop I will be focusing on bringing flexibility back into your back.  I will show you ways to strengthen stretch and loosen your back out in a safe manner and you will feel the effects immediately releasing within your body.   Fear of repeating the initial pain lodges within our psychic and we hold that tension within the cells of our bodies, on this workshop I will be showing you ways to free this memory from the cells and create healthy newer memories.

I personally escaped the pain, but it meant “I” had to do the work, put in the time and the effort to ensure my back recovered.  If you are tired of trying the same old methods to sort your back, why not consider trying the option of yoga?

I guarantee you that if you join me on this one day workshop it will be the beginning of a new lifestyle for you.  You will gain the freedom to embrace change and enhance your life for the better.

You will learn how to strengthen and release your back, bringing ease and flexibility back to your body.  Posture will improve and your overall feeling of well-being will be increased.

Do you deserve this?  Does your loved one suffer from backache and perhaps you would like to offer them this healing gift.   If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact me on 086 7847998 or private message me here on my page.  The cost of this workshop is €80 and dinner is an additional €20 for a three course meal which is optional.  There is a change to the menu this time and dinner will be a choice of fish / meat, vegetables and potatoes, desert, tea and coffee.  Please note that booking is essential due to constraints on space.

I look forward to perhaps seeing you on the mat.

Om shanti Noreen.