Mantra – help ground you and bring you into the present moment.

This mantra will help ground you and bring you into the present moment.

Oxford Dictionary meaning of Mantra:
Mantra Pronunciation: /ˈmantrə/
Definition of mantra: Noun
(Originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

Find a quite warm space, light a candle and some incense. Find a comfortable seated position either on the floor or using a chair. If you chose to use a chair sit back into the chair, feet firmly fixed on the ground. In either position ensure that your back is upright, chest broad and open. Shoulders relaxing and releasing down your spine, chin parallel with the floor, crown of the head elongating upwards. Place your hands in a Chin or Jnana Mudra or a mudra of your choice. Close your eyes and begin to notice your breathing. Slow down your breath and begin to lengthen your out breath. Allow your belly to expand out like a balloon as you inhale and gently draw your belly button back towards your spine as you exhale. Repeat a number of times before starting your mantra. Then….

Breathe In: (Say to yourself) : I am here
Breathe Out:: (Say to yourself) : I am present
Breathe In:: (Say to yourself) : In the here
Breathe Out:: (Say to yourself) : In the now

Repeat this mantra over and over again. If thoughts interrupt your progress, just gently acknowledge your thoughts and then place them to the side as you gently bring your awareness back to the mantra and your breath, gently begin to repeat it over and over again with conscious awareness of your breath. Enjoy.

Om Shanti