Meditation Evening

It’s Tuesday evening so it means it’s Meditation Night and Vesco is back in the studio.

This term Vesco has introduced mantra into the classes and I for one was wondering how that would fare out.  We briefly touched on Mantras during my college days and over the years I have picked up gems of information here and there.  Yet Mantras is something that intrigues me and draws me deeper the whole time.  So I was curious to see what would happen for me with this section of the class.

Now, those of you who know me know that a spade is a spade and there is no buffing.  So I am going to give you my experience of the first couple of weeks chanting mantras.  Vesco is sitting there in all his glory having explained in detail the mantra we were about to chant, the reason behind it and the benefits that can be gained from a committed practice.  I like other the other students were sitting there eagerly listening and awaiting instruction.  He spoke clearly and concisely as he gave a rendition of the mantra we were about to chant for 108 times.

Traditionally mala beads are used to chant mantras and the beads hold a total of 108 beads.  You may have seen the Monks holding these beads and if you have travelled abroad you may have seen the beads on sale.  The figure of 108 is a very auspicious number in Buddhism because according to ancient teachings there are 108 invisible threads from each person to the divine.  Chanting a mantra 108 times awakens these threads and aids meditation.

Personally I think it’s the repetitive chant, the sound that keeps my mind occupied and makes all my body vibrate with energy that helps me with the meditation side of things.  It is truly an amazing experience if you are willing to open to it.  You will feel so peaceful and calm after this and going into a meditation after it was really deep and wonderful experience for me.  I was so chilled out I forgot to ask Vesco if he’d like a cup of tea after the session and just wandered home!!  Oops!

I wasn’t going to argue with ancient teachings and went with the attitude that if it worked for them it may well work for me.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained mentality.  So I set my own personal intention, took my comfortable seated position and waited to be led by Vesco into the chant.

So we are sitting in a circle, Vesco commences and begins the chant with the others joining in in a rhythmical manner to his chant and I suddenly go blank, I can’t remember those couple of words he gave us only a few brief moments before, I mean OMG!! he had painstakingly taught us in slow motion and it just went clear out of my head!  The others are sitting there chanting a mantra for bringing change and abundance into our lives and Noreen is sitting there going hmm, lets wing this one, once I don’t chant too loudly I should be able to pull this off with no one any the wiser…. So out of the mouth of this babe comes “Om gum yum yum yum namah”, “Om gum yum yum yum namah”, for 108 repetitions. Eventually all I could hear myself chant was yum yum, and I was literally starving by the end of the session.

However, fast forward a couple of days, two to be precise and my request, my intention I asked for on Tuesday night prior to chanting the yum yum mantra had manifested.  I sat at home at midnight going OMG! (Well I used a couple of stronger words, but you get the gist)  This stuff really works!

I am now having great fun manifesting little and large things into my life and it is unreal to experience.

So a valuable lesson was learned by me i.e. when the intention is right, the focus is there, the energy of the group builds, things WILL manifest.

I am now working on another intention a much more elaborate one and time will tell if this too unfolds.

Meanwhile I have committed to doing the mantra for 40 consecutive days and I am delighted to say I am on day 7 and still going strong.  You will be glad to hear though that I have now learnt the correct words and I am chanting the correct mantra.

So you guys, if you fancy something a little bit different, if you’d like to put it to the test, come and join us this evening and broaden your horizons with Mantra Chanting.  Don’t worry if you don’t pick it up on the first night, just like me with persistence, improvisation and practice it will happen.

Have a great evening you guys I might see you later on at the studio.

Om shanti