Reflecting on a year past

I am writing this in appreciation of the countless number of people who have approached me during daily activities, corresponded with me privately though text, Facebook and my web page offering words of encouragement and support.  Knowing that you empathise and associate with my words is amazing and I draw comfort from knowing I am not alone in these feelings or experiences.  I hope that you may find some morsel of comfort in my discoveries to date to enable you take a leap of faith into your own personal dream whatever that may be.  Trust me, it IS worth it.

Three influences equal three sections.  The sections unfold as events occurred and it represents how I have been developing both myself and my Yoga Company and coping with these changes.

Section 1             Growing the business of Yoga

Section 2             Embracing Tantra and its healing Energy

Section 3             Rebirthing

I didn’t realise starting out that launching myself into business would also mean growing as a woman in a personal development capacity.  I just never stopped and gave it any real thought.  Both, however, are proportionately linked on all levels.   Growth in the deepest darkest layers which we all have – fear versus courage, light versus dark, contentment versus disquiet, the yin versus the yang so to speak fuse together in order to make it all work.   Anyway, I didn’t sail off into the sunset on a magical yoga mat having made my first million or write my first book (yet!!)  But I did learn what it means to survive in the business world and what it means to grow and evolve as a human being.

On a business level classes have grown in size, number and direction and plans are underway to develop and grow the business in other avenues.  I’ve identified areas of weakness and areas of growth.  With regard to classes – wow!  I have been so fortunate to have met some incredible people with whom I have bonded.  Life experiences were shared, survived and the combination of these energies transformed our yoga classes through the year.  Back bends re-opened our hearts closed from heartache and pain.  Twists helped us to view the world from two sides allowing us to recognise that sometimes life just isn’t purely black or white there are some grey areas.  Forward bends allowed us to travel inwards to seek answers and solace within ourselves, learning in the process how our emotional issues sometimes hinder and prevent us from moving freely into Asana’s.  Balances helped bring us back into focus and relaxation helped us release and let go.  This past year yoga has once again worked some element of its magic back into the lives of those who were open enough to give it a try.

It was a busy year too in relation to pregnancy yoga with many a yoga baby making their way safely into our world.  It was just so rewarding on a personal level to be in the presence of those angelic energies which shaped and often interrupted weekly practices with high kicks and somersaults.  There have been many magical moments and it has been an absolute pleasure for me personally to hear of their safe arrival.  Thank you to both Mam’s and babies for that joyful experience.  Due to outside work commitments and unavailable time blocks Children’s Yoga classes didn’t get off the ground as initially intended.  Again this is something that will be looked at for the forthcoming months ahead.  This year also saw the second of our pop up yoga classes which again happened in the Town Park and that was an incredible experience as thankfully the weather held up and we experienced harmony of mind, body, soul and nature.  What a blissful combination.

I believe that when you put your greatest desires and hope’s out there and carry belief as you’re back burner, the Universe WILL answer you, its what I like to call the boomerang effect.  Answers come in all shapes and forms via opportunities and people entering your life in the most bizarre and profound ways, just be willing and open to receiving.  The Universe answered me in the form of an invite to attend a talk being hosted by the Charleville Referral Partner Group.

Referal Partners Picture

These are a group of like-minded business networking people who meet every Thursday morning in Charleville.  They provide a weekly educational slot hosted by Donal Mulcahy of North Star Coaching. This slot covers various elements of business life.  Members and visitors introduce their business to the group, outline referrals being sought and basically get their name out there. These meetings are consistently closed each week with a positive quotation by the Chairperson.

Photo of Donal Mulachy

Initially I offered great resistance to accepting this invite because I was beginning to come face to face with my own personal fears.  Outwardly I appear very confident, calm and in control but we all know appearances are never what they seem and to quote the old cliché you should never judge a book by its cover.  Inwardly can be a very different story!  I declined the offer to attend and slunk back into my safe life on the mat.  My regret was politely accepted and advised that if I were to change my mind I was still most welcome to attend as a Guest.  This email was accompanied by a photo with a caption……

 Take a leap of faith

Fortunately for me Donal Mulcahy is a superb Business Coach and his expertise in this area had already sized me up as a visual, right sided brain person who didn’t like to be called chicken!  I would indeed have missed out on so many wonderful growth opportunities on every level had I not attended and subsequently joined this amazing group.   It wasn’t easy, my initial 60 second sales pitch saw me with my knees knocking frantically together.  60 seconds is a LONG time especially when you are sweating profusely like a pig on a hot spit.  I was engaging in a breath work for 90% of the time there, preventing the onslaught of a panic attack barely concealed beneath the surface of my facade.

What were my fears you might ask?  They were SUITS! Business people with thriving businesses! What could I possibly have to offer?  I feared not belonging, lacking in knowledge, not knowing what they were talking about and TRUST ME there were occasions when I didn’t know what the blazes they were talking about – SME’s, CPD’s, Mission Statements, Five Year plans and Goals.  OH MY GOD What am I doing here moments??!! All I want to do is teach yoga, share the benefits, the rewards, the joy and hopefully break even in the process.  I feared being worthless and the most catastrophic of them all I feared failing.   However, the Universe sends you what you need when you need it the most.  The Universe sent me the Referral Partners Group and in the safe confines of this group I am slowly beginning to evolve into an emerging business woman.  I am slowly but surely growing in confidence, self-belief and self-esteem in this area of my life thanks to the wonderful business opportunities, support and encouragement that this group have had to offer and I am truly grateful for this.  Also, as luck would have it, I’ve learnt I’m not the only one whose knees knock together, many of those with well established careers and businesses also have moments of weakness.  We are all human and all feeling the same fears. So from a business point of view this year has taught me that……

Woohoo!!  I can do this, YES I can!!