The “Rebel Buddha”


Well you’ve met the ”Bali Buddha” so now let me introduce you to the “Rebel Buddha”.

Not to be out done by the Bali Buddha who got shipped half way around the world, the Rebel Buddha got transported from Cork on an artic truck as he was just a tad too big for the dragonfly jeep.   As his original final destination on the Cork side didn’t come to fruition he ended up at the front of our house.  After careful manoeuvring and some pretty skilful artic driving skills he landed.    Now this is no light weight Corkoian. This is some serious Cork brawn resulting in several trees being cut down in anticipation of his arrival over the Limerick border.   Mighty discussions were had, walks taken, angles viewed, locations sussed as the debacle of where this hefty rebel was going to be placed.   However it transpired that this was wasted energy as he was having none of it and it soon became apparent that his stay on the Limerick side was going to be short lived.  This Rebel was returning to his roots.

The drivers of the lorry who escorted the Rebel to the Limerick side refused to place him in the middle of a flower bed and also refused to remove him from the truck pallet upon which he was presently residing upon.  His size was an issue and they didn’t want to take the responsibility of anything happening to this big bloke.  They were actually quite willing to let him sit gracefully in the middle of the driveway.  A lot of my personal Zen disappeared that day before a compromise was eventually reached and he was placed outside the office window. Here he has gracefully remained sitting proudly in lotus position on his humble throne of the wooden pallet since.   There is sits looking longingly out the driveway as if he is ready to make a run for the Cork border at any given moment.  Jackie Chan he has been called by some of my neighbours but I personally prefer “The Rebel”.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and a couple of months later our new studio space was secured.  There was only one problem, this Rebel was moving back to Cork and was a bit larger than life for the public foot path.  Hmmm…. What to do?  A simple solution evolved, move the original door and create a porch.  Sorted!!  So we have.

The rebel from Cork is a hardy tough cookie, able for the harsh weather as he is solid concrete and so will sit at our entrance ready to meet and greet you on your arrival to class.  The Bali Buddha is from warmer climates so shall remain safe and cosy in the warm confines of indoors.

You will have an opportunity to see both Buddha’s real soon as I am delighted to report that the place is only a day or so away for being fully completed with all works in the final tidy up stages and we are now down to the cleaning and polishing phase.   I can’t wait.   All classes will be in full swing there from the 8th January which I am really excited about and the New Year will see new classes added to the already existing schedule of classes together with various workshops and morning yoga.  I have loads of ideas for this healing space and can’t wait to share them with you over the next coming months.  I will also share pictures of the amazing transformation which has taken place within the building itself under the care of Derek Curtin Construction but I will do this at another time.

I am keen to open the energy into the space before the New Year so there will be a class with a difference there on Thursday night the 21st December, at 7pm.  Cost is €10.  Everyone is welcome to come along, and please bring your mat and blanket.  This is the night of the winter solstice and will be symbolic for me as a time of moving from darkness into light.  So on the night we will also be doing a meditation led by Vesco Bondov.  I am so grateful to Vesco for taking time out of his own schedule to be with us to raise the vibration.  I look forward to sharing this special space with you all on the night.

Om shanti