I was asked if I am actually doing the boogie song every morning.

The answer is yes!! Just ask my neighbor’s. Its turned up good and loud as I personally love when I FEEL the beat. I take off around my kitchen table with hips wriggling, shoulders shaking, arms flying, grooving and moving as if I was taking on John Travolta in a dance off.



Why not?!

The alternative is to sit, ponder life as we know it right now and sink into a depression. Like a lot of businesses I no longer have any income coming in, the future is uncertain and the darkness of fear lurks in the shadows. It is completely out of my control what happens and when. I am someone who fear has ruled a lot of my life, it held me back, insecurity, but fear kept me from moving forward and striving towards my dreams. Not any more.

Fear is a low vibrating energy. If you don’t know what I mean by that just sit for a moment and notice your body and how it feels when you think about something you are worried about. Notice where you feel it in your body, how big / small it maybe, how dense. Now shake it off. Then think about something that bring you great joy. Notice how that now feels in your body and where that affects you. Personally, one tightens the body, shrinks it. The other opens it up and expands it. For the benefit of your health you need to keep your energy up. It helps your immune system and likewise – I need to keep my energy up!!.

It’s all about perspective for me and how I think about a situation. I can look at all I invested in a new business just over two years ago, I can fall down under the pressure of all the “what if’s” but at the end of the day it isn’t going to change anything or the outcome. What will be will be. However, stressing over it will only give me a hernia or a heart attack. The reality is I am still going to be socially distancing and will be doing so for a number of weeks to come. How I chose to spend to spend that time is my choice.

Do I spend that time fretting, panicking, anxious and sick with worry? making life miserable for those around me, filling them also with fear of the unknown? Or do I embrace this moment that we find ourselves in and find the gifts within it?

Higher vibrations mean you will look at your current situation differently, you will find positives, reasons to be grateful.

For me, my gift is valuable, precious time with my family that I wouldn’t have if they were still in college and I was working nights. Feeling into my body as I think about this I feel a warmth in my chest that feels really good as opposed to a constricted tight pressure when I allow the other option to surface.

So YES, I dance like a mad woman, my kids laugh, roll their eyes but they join in. 


In years to come when they look back over the strange year 2020, this is what they will remember, their memories of the Corona Virus – will be their lunatic of a mother throwing shapes in the kitchen, smiling, laughing and they will remember how they joined in, how on a morning one of them didn’t get out of bed, we took the music beat to them, jumped on their bed, laughted and had fun. They will remember that and not the fear.

What memories will you create?

Choose a song that elevates your heart, turn it up loud and dance like no one is watching. Memories of the heart.


Stay safe you guys, create those memories that is what we will remember on the other side of this. What will be will be. Keep the vibration vibrating at a high altitude.  Here is the boogie song for today as chosen by the beautiful Kate.