Back and Core Yoga Classes Cork

Back & Core Strengthening

Back & Core Strengthening Yoga classes are held every Thursday at 6.30pm at the All Round Yoga Studio in Charleville.

Core strength for me is more than just your abdominal/tummy area. It is the centre of our strength and our balance physically but it also has links to our emotional and spiritual centre. A weak core can leave us susceptible to injury physically and struggling in dealing with life’s highs and lows emotionally.

In today’s society, poor posture and stress are having a huge impact on our bodies, back and core strengthening plays a vital part in improving our posture. Yoga alone will not give you six-pack abs but it can help to prevent injuries and make you more resilient to life. It will help to put fire back into your belly as a weak core can result in a weak digestive system causing constipation and fatigue due to nutrients not being absorbed properly by the body, this directly impacts on your blood quality also due to toxins being retained and all of this can alter your mood and cause you to feel gloomy and low.

In class, we will fire up the back and core area, increase the levels of oxygen into your system, improve your digestion and help you to detox. You will feel the strength and benefits of moving into your body both physically and emotionally.

We work on developing flexibility within muscles of the shoulder and glute area, opposite ends of the spine to encourage softening and release of tension allowing you to cope and bend easily with life’s changing winds.

Relaxation at the end of class ensures that everything gets absorbed and integrated into your body helping to reduce stress and improving an all overall sense of wellbeing.