Beginners Yoga Classes Cork

Beginner’s & Improver’s

Beginners Yoga: Classes are held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Improver’s Yoga: Classes are held Wednesday at 8:00pm

Are you one of those people sitting there wondering what it is like? YOGA

• Wondering if you have to wear spandex, be hippy and flexible in order to join?
• Are you too young to join the class or worse, too old?!!
• Is it all women who go there?
• Will she try to convert me into some weird cult ways?

The answer to all the above is NO. Yoga is simply a discipline, a way of life where we learn breathing techniques to help benefit our physical, mental and emotional system.

Yes, we all breathe. We do it all day, every day, but a lot of us breathe incorrectly. Chest breathers, mouth breathers, reverse breathers eg. In our beginners’ class you will learn how you are breathing, become aware of your breath and learn techniques to help calm and soothe you under any stressful situation.

You will learn poses to help loosen your body to bring back flexibility and strengthen weak muscles. Weak muscles can be the cause of pain or imbalance within the body.

Yoga will allow you to develop a deep awareness of your body, its strengths, and weaknesses. It will help prevent injuries. You will strengthen your immune system and improve your sleeping pattern to name but a few benefits of yoga.

Relaxation techniques will help to integrate the yoga session and bring balance and calm to your nervous system.

In short, you are never too young or old to start yoga and plenty of men attend the classes. I promise you I have no intention of trying to convert you into anything other than perhaps to have fun through the joy of yoga.