Early Morning Meditation & Yoga Classes Cork

Early Morning Meditation & Yoga

Early Morning Meditation and Yoga classes are held every Tuesday at 6:45am at All Round Yoga in Charleville.

Are you one of those people who wake up in the mornings feeling tight, stiff and achy? Then an early morning yoga session will set you up for the day both mentally, physically and emotionally.

The early morning class starts with 15 minutes of either moving meditation or seated meditation. This is a gentle way to balance the mind, bringing peace and harmony into both your body and your day.

We then move into our main practice where we stretch out, awaken and lift the body’s energy with the rising of the day. During the dark hours of winter, this normally happens for us as daylight breaks through the darkness of night. There is something really magical in the energy at this hour which we tap into in our yoga practice. It creates uplifting energy and benefits which we carry with us into our day to day activities.

The benefits of Early Morning Meditation & Yoga are;

• You will focus better on your day ahead.
• You will boost your energy levels
• Reduce your stress levels
• Improve your mood
• Boost your metabolism
• Improve your digestion
• Tone and condition your body