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Men’s Yoga Classes

Men’s Yoga classes are held every Wednesday at 7pm at All Round Yoga in Charleville.

Are you one of those guys sitting there wondering what it is like? YOGA

• Wondering if you have to wear spandex, be hippy and flexible in order to join?
• Are you too young to join the class or worse, too old?!!
• Is it all women who go there?
• Will she try to convert me into some weird cult ways?

The answer to all the above is NO.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, sweats or togs and T-shirts. Yoga will make you more flexible but not necessarily more hip. Yoga is open to all ages, young or not so young and I have no intention in trying to convert you into anything.

Yoga is simply a discipline, a way of learning breathing techniques to ease the stress out of your system which will improve your immune system.

You will learn how to improve and correct your posture by using poses / Asana’s which will build and balance strength within your body.

You will develop the flexibility to help you sustain that strength and help to prevent repeat injuries in e.g. back muscles or hamstrings caused either by over used muscles in sports or by poor posture in your working day to day lives.

This class is open to men only.

The benefits of Men’s Yoga;

• Improved energy, vitality and respiration
• Greater focus
• Reduce your stress levels
• Increase muscle strength and tone
• Boost your metabolism
• Improve your digestion
• Tones and conditions your body
• Improves flexibility
• Improved athletic performance
• Protection from injury