Morning Yoga Classes Cork

Gentle Yoga Classes

Gentle Yoga classes are held every Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm at the All Round Yoga Studio in Charleville.

As we advance from being complete beginners at yoga we now begin to fine tune and develop our practice even more. Poses are held for longer and a greater awareness and understanding takes hold. Held tensions can be released more which brings greater ease to the body. Your parasympathetic nervous system begins to get activated even more which leads to greater health benefits for the system as stress, tension and anxiety all begin to release and a sense of peace and calm is restored to the body.

Meditation and breath awareness exercise which helps to balance the mind, bringing peace and harmony into both your body and your day especially if you have been rushing around after kids, had a stressful day at work or meeting business deadlines.

Our core practice takes us deeper into the Asana’s. This promotes a healthy immune system, releasing feel-good hormones, improved circulation and lung capacity all of which promote a healthier lifestyle which benefits the body bringing peace and clarity to the mind and a sense of peace and wellbeing to our day.

The benefits of Gentle Yoga are:

• You begin to delve deeper into your practice.
• You will boost your energy levels
• Reduce your stress levels
• Improves your mood
• Boost your metabolism
• Improves your digestion
• Builds strength and flexibility
• Improves muscle tone

Class ends with the best part, relaxation before we head out to greet the day.