Restorative Yoga Classes Cork

Restorative Yoga Classes

Restorative (Gentle) Yoga Classes are held on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30pm at All Round Yoga in Charleville.

Restorative Yoga is all about slowing down and releasing stress. The greatest exertion you will have in this class is your ability to find tension, let it go and relax deeply. This is a slow-moving class.

We use props such as bolsters, blocks, belts, and blankets in the restorative class and all poses are held for a number of minutes to allow you time to sink deeper into the pose with awareness. Holding for a period of time gives you an opportunity to find and release tension at a location, with breath and awareness you can then allow this release to go even deeper and observe if you can let go of the tension or if you move it to another area in the body.

Allowing your body to experience this deep relaxation then allows the body to begin its own natural healing.

You will become aware of exactly where you hold stress and tension in this class and how easy/difficult it is for you to release it and let it go. So, if you are going through a major life change, stressed, at odds with yourself, feeling out of sorts, fatigued, lacking in energy or recovering from illness/surgery this class is hugely therapeutic. It is exceptionally gentle but extremely powerful.

The benefits of Restorative Yoga include;

Improved sleep patterns
Lowers blood pressure
Lowers cortisol and adrenaline
Increased serotonin โ€“ the happy chemical in the body
Improves immune system
Greater energy and less fatigue
Relief from mental, physical and emotional tension
Can help to support weight loss
Improves mental health
Tones the body gently